(1). Computer users have an opportunity of choosing between two commonly known Operating Systems- OS X and Linux (EDUCBA, 2018). In this regard, this post outlines the differences and similarities between the two OS. The comparisons will be based on the developers, license, functionality/ compatibility, cost, customization, and uses.
Linux OS is developed by Linus Torvalds while OS X is developed by Apple Inc. However, Linux is also developed by developer community worldwide and this is the main difference in these two Operating Systems (EDUCBA, 2018). Linux OS is available to all computer users like Hp, Dell, and Lenovo. On the other hand, the OS X is only made for the Apple users which makes it impossible for other computer users to utilize it. The Linux OS allows users to customize the code into their preference but for the OS X, this is not possible. Additionally, the OS X requires one to pay a significant amount for its use while Linux is free.