1) Determine the energy to heat 3 cubes (gold, aluminum, silver) each with a volume of 30.0 cm3 from 15 degrees celcius to 31 degrees celcius2) 49 gram piece of ice is added to water at 7 degrees celcius. All the ice melts and the temp of water decreases to 0 degrees celcius. How many grams of water were in the sample?3) If you used 8,400 kilojoules you expend in energy in one day to heat 49,000 grams of water at 18 degrees celcius, What would be the rise in temp?, and What would be the new temp of the water?
Ques-1densityAluminiumGoldSilver g/cm3volume (cm3) mass (g) Cp( J/g-K)Delta(T) Heat required (J)2.6983080.940.897161161.6508810.50130315.030.12916650.2219219.28230578.460.235…

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