Need help with this please, I am having a hard time with what It is asking
1. If a given amount of 0.600 M NaCl and three times as much 0.400 M KCI are mixed, what will be themolarity of Nat, K+, and Cl- ions after mixing?ity : moles of SolutemolVolume of SolutionOM NaClOM KCI2. An aqueous solution which is 30.0% by mass sulfuric acid (i.e., H2SO4(aq) ) has a density of 1.219 g/mL.What is the molarity of H2SO4 in this solution?HINT: a possible way to begin is by assuming you have a fixed volume of solution (such as 10 mL, or100 mL, or 1000 mL, or . . . ).by~ 1.219 glmmolarity — motes of SoluteOF HaseyVolume ofSolotion98.09of HSoy1 319 – m9/mir- >10 mkOml9g in 10miCH1010Quiz #3 . . .

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