Hi I don’t understand how come TtFf x ttff, since the question says “F1 all have thick stems and yellow flowers”, ttff definitely do not have thick and yellow phenotype right? Why the answer is like that?
And also for this one I don’t understand why there’s no crossing over happen. Thanks!!
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1 . In tomatoes, yellow flowers [ Flare dominant to white flowers and thick stems [ T] are dominant to thin stems ( t ).Pollen from a tomato with thick stems and white flowers pollinates & tomato withthin stems and yellow flowers .The FI all have thick stems and yellow flowers . ( 10 marks total]a ) When you perform a testcross on the FIs, if the genes assort independently , whatphenotypes do you expect and in what ratio do you expect these phenotypes tooccur ? You don’t have to show your work .(3 marks ) ( 1 mark for ratio and 0. 5 mark per correct phenotype )[ Test cross = TIFF X LIFT1:1:1:1 , Thick stems and yellow flowers : Thick stems and white flowers . thin stemsand yellow flowers : thin stems and white flowers