1. Many drug safety research studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that would financially benefit if the results of the study are favorable. Is this an example of a potential confounding factor? Explain?
2. Below are some data from 2005 for on the job deaths in some dangerous jobs. Which job seems the most dangerous? Which seems the least dangerous? Explain. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DATA
3. A recent Harvard Business Review article titled, When to Sleep on it” discusses the usefulness of deliberating a business decision. The article describes a study in which subjects were asked to make a number of decisions and each subject was given the option to decide immediately or deliberate while performing an unrelated task. The researchers found that subjects who answered immediately made the best decisions and that “the longer our participants thought about their answers, the more likely they were to include irrelevant information at the expense of relevant information”. The article concludes that “conscious deliberation, however long and careful, can be a surprisingly crude and ineffective tool.”