1. Question: Events A and B are mutually exclusive. The probability of Event A occurring is 0.15; the probability of B occurring is 0.45. What is the probability that A or B will occur?2. Question: Of 680 college students surveyed, 540 reported that they held a part-time job. What is the probability of selecting a student with a part-time job from this group? 3. Question: P(A) = 0.40; P(B) = 0.25; the probability of both events occurring is 0.15. If the events are not mutually exclusive, what is the probability of either event occurring?4. Question: P(A) = 0.80; P(B) = 0.60; if the events are independent, what is the probability of both events occurring? 5. Question: Please answers questions 5-7 based on the following information:A student survey revealed the following data concerning employment status: Class Level/Job Status None Part-time Full-time Freshman 16 52 12 Sophomore 4 26 20 Junior 8 18 34 Senior 0 22 18 What is the probability that the selected person is employed on a part-time basis?6. Question: What is the probability that the selected person is a senior working full-time?7. Question: What is the probability that the selected person is a freshman employed on a part-time basis?8. Question: The number of ways in which 7 items can be taken 4 at a time, without regard to order, is:9. Question: A binomial probability distribution: Comments: 10. Question: A study determines that 60% of the voters in a town intend to vote for the incumbent mayor. If a sample of 8 people is selected, what is the approximate probability that 6 of the 8 people surveyed intend to vote for the incumbent (using the binomial probability formula)? Comments: 11. Question: What is the probability that exactly 2 heads will be tossed in 5 consecutive coin tosses? Comments: 12. Question: The __________ distribution is most appropriate to use when the population is finite and sampling is made without replacement. Comments: 13. Question: A large-sample test to determine the average life of a type of alkaline battery is most likely to use the: Comments: 14. Question: If an average of 0.5 customers arrive per minute at a ticket counter, what is the probability that exactly 4 customers will arrive in a 5-minute span? Comments: 15. Question: Attributes control charts: Comments: 16. Question: A firm wants to monitor the number of missed stitches on a line of sweaters being produced. The researchers will construct and use a(n) __________ chart to aid data interpretation. Comments: 17. Question: Data from 30 subgroups of 100 units each yields a total of 150 defective units. What is the upper control limit on the np chart? Comments: 18. Question: The __________ is used to evaluate the number of nonconformities in a unit. Comments: 19. Question: A sampling process destroys the unit sampled, and because the process is continuous it is possible only to collect one sample at a time. The most appropriate chart to use is a(n): Comments: 20. Question: A firm will use a __________ when measuring nonconformities per unit with variable sample sizes.