I need help with an assignment for my Finance class. The prompt for the assignment can be found in the attached PDF named “Corporate Finance – Ch. 10 Data Case.” I have already started the assignment, which is attached and named ” Assignment 3 – FINU 607.” I have completed Part 1 of the Data Case. Using the data I have completed in Part 1, I need help completing Parts 2, 3, and 4. Please Help. Thank you.
Attachment 1
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DateADMreturnD(Mean- RetuSquare of D4/2/2012 27.8113923/1/2012 28.5601232.69%2.06%2/1/2012 28.145164-1.45%-2.08%1/3/201225.68067-8.76%-9.39%12/1/2011 25.653761-0.10%-0.74%…