Please advise the steps to solve the question starting with the page that has a table then next to the other page
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21.13135.570136.559A29.8548.929O32.91662.459oo24.54384.0721045.72113.331129.104136.9451417.0501530.5251630.4781731.55318153.42919113.7532024.196Using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) goodness of fit test pleaseidentify what is the most suitable theoretical probability model thatdescribes the 20 data points in the table above. Test the dataagainst at least 3 theoretical models at a 5% significance level. Youmay use the 1 % significance level if none of the models aresignificant at 5%.Please show all steps in the analysis and do not submit resultsfrom statistical software.You may want to use a spreadsheet approach. You can useExcel for the spreadsheet component..You may use statistical software to confirm your results foryour personal verification but for the purposes of the exam theproblem has to be worked out step by step. (20 marks)