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Hello cans someone explain how to answer these questions and the reasoning. thanks so much!]
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2. Seawater T, S and density. A water mass parcel starts with a salinity of 30 psu. and a potential density {are} of 24 kg m-3. Based on the T43 diagram at the end of thehomework (Figure 1), answer the following: {a} What is the approximate temperature of the water parcel? [1 point} {b} The sun warms up the water parcel by approximatelyr 20°C. What is the newpotential density of the parcel? {1 point} {e} Evaporation adds about 4 pkg of salt to the water parcel. What is the new potentialdensity? [1 point} {d} What would happen to the temperature of the water parcel if it was moved to 3000 m depth? (A qualitative answer is sufficient) And what would happen to the potentialtemperature of the parcel? [2 points}

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