2. (4 pts) An educational institution stores information about students, classes, and grades. State whether each of the following represents data or metadata (if it represents data, state whether it is structured or unstructured data). If it represents metadata, state whether it is a fact describing a property of data or a fact describing the context of data. Remember that metadata is data about data, like the length of a field, or if the field is optional or mandatory. i. Students name and address. ii. Grades for a course offered in database design. iii. The resolution of a student’s ID photo in pixels. iv. Length of the course number field. v. The fact that the student ID field is the primary key for students.
4. (3 pts) Database design is key to the success of a properly functioning system. What is the best way to start the design of a database system? 5. (5 pts) For each of the following entities in a college, indicate whether (under typical circumstances) there is a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relationship. STUDENT and COURSE (for example Joe Smith and COP3703, would be MANY to ONE, since many students can sign up for COP3703) i. BOOK and BOOK COPY ii. COURSE and COURSE-SECTION iii. COURSE-SECTION and ROOM iv. INSTRUCTOR and COURSE v. ROOM and INSTRUCTOR