4 questions about optimal project duration. See attached file for full problem description.1Please answer questions 1-4 using the following information:Activity IDSlopeMax. Crash TimeDirect CostsNormalCrashTimeCostTimeCostA4$103$20B5$303$50C7$105$30D6$204$50E4$303$45F5$204$50G6$504$60Indirect costs for each project duration are: $150 (17 time units); $140(16); $130 (15); $120 (14); $110 (13); $100 (12).The total cost of completion for the project before crashing is:Answer:Â Â a. $170b. $300c. $315d. $320e. $3352If the project duration were reduced to 12 time units, the total costwould be:Answer:Â Â a. $275b. $320c. $335d. $350e. $3753The optimal project duration in terms of cost is:Answer:Â Â a. 12b. 13c. 14d. 16e. 174The critical path of the optimal duration is:Answer:Â Â a. C-E-Gb. B-D-Fc. A-C-Gd. B-D-G

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