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Week 10 assignment


Week 10 assignment

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  1. Malware is a vulnerability of a software virtual private network (VPN).



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  1. When selecting a virtual private network (VPN) solution, a best practice is to consider only solutions with proven capabilities.



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  1. While there is no single way to troubleshoot a virtual private network (VPN) issue, what is the most appropriate first step?

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  1. Kasim is a network technician. He is tasked with deploying a virtual private network (VPN) in his company’s IT infrastructure. He wants to place the VPN device where it is directly connected to both the Internet and the internal LAN. He believes that security will not be a concern because the VPN is already encrypted point-to-point. Which of the following is true of this configuration?

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  1. Sebastian is the HR department’s trainer. He is developing various materials to teach the fundamentals of using virtual private network (VPN) to a variety of audiences, from the president and vice presidents of the corporation to newly hired mid-level managers and entry-level employees. After implementing his training program some weeks ago, he began getting calls from the IT help desk stating that users are contacting them with troubleshooting issues for their VPN sessions. The help desk technicians do not know how to respond. What is the most likely problem?

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