Do two lists 1. visible under the microscope and 2. why are some not visible? what is the reason?
What is the reason for weird shape nuclei of neutrophils according to the two articles.
5. On the first page was a description of many of the components that exist in blood. When you look at a bloodsample under amicroscope, which of these things can be seen, and which not? Organize the followingcomponents into two lists, according to whether they are visible under the microscope, and explain whysome are not visible this way. erythrocytes antibodies glucose amino acids hormones urea 02 macrophages cytokines 6. Up until now, you have probably always imagined cell nuclei as nice round organelles, and have beensurprised by some of the nucleus shapes you saw today! Scientists have also puzzled over the strangenuclear shapes of neutrophils and other “polymorphonuclear” leukocytes for years, and have recentlyreached a clearer understanding of the reason for the multilobed nuclei. Look up these two papers, and briefly explain what is thought to be the reason for the bizarrely shapednuclei of neutrophils: Manley, H.R., Keightley, M.C, and Ueschke, G.J. 2018 Front. Immortal. 9:286? (eslflially Abstract and Fig g) Barzilai, A. et al. 201? CeHRep. 18:685-699. [especially Abstract and Supplemental Video 1)