11. A horse breeder has noticed some of his male horses have begun to show a genetic defect, keratitis, in which the cornea of their eyes are easily inflamed, resulting in poor eyesight. The genes controlling this trait are unknown but it is assumed to be a sex-linked gene that it is also recessive. Horses also have a gene, B, that controls coat color, where black is dominant, B, and brown is recessive, b. Suppose that the breeder mates a male horse who is normal (XY) and black (heterozygous), with a female horse that is a carrier of keratitis (XXR) and brown. (5pts)
a) Summarize the possible phenotypes of the offspring (include sex).
b) What are the chances of producing a horse with keratitis?
Lilla]: horse normal Fauna]: bursa canine: ofand black (heterozygous) X kerafitis and brown XYEb XRX bb Gametfls: XB=Xb=YE=Yb Kb: XRb I’lr’IEllelfXb YbXb XXBb Ebb XYEb XYbbNE Nb NE NbRX b…