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Acorporation randomly selects 15K] salespeople and finds that 56% who have never taken asell-improvement course would like such course. The lin’n did a similar study 1:] years ago in which 50% of a randomsample of 160 salespeople warrted aself—in’iprovemerrt course. The groups are assumed to be independent lendom samples. Lat :11 and :12 represent the true proportion of workers who would like to attend a self-improvernenl course in the recent study and the pest study, respectively. Referring to Table 12-5. what is the value of the test statistic to use in evaluating the alternative hypothesis that there is a difference in the two population proportions using a : 0.10?.3. 4.335 (j. 2.706(3.1.194(j. 0.274

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