After choosing one of the following topics to research for the remainder of the course, please post a short, informal paragraph on your topic. Why do you think that your topic is important to discuss? What is your reason for choosing the topic? What do you already know about this topic?Please choose one of the following five topics on which to write your annotated bibliography and your Literature Review:1. The impact of the Internet on information literacy and library skills. In collecting your sources, you may want to draw upon what Neil Postman says about technology and information in Technopoly, especially in chapters 4 and 5. A particular section of the Postman book can be one of your sources.You might focus on one or more of the following as you gather your sources. These are just examples. Many approaches are possible for this topic.a. The impact of the Internet on plagiarism in student papers.b. The impact of the Internet on research methods among students.c. The impact of Wikipedia and other web 2.0 applications on the use of information
Plagiarism is not a new concept. Students have been into plagiarism far before theinternet was widely available, by hiring professionals or from encyclopedias. But, advent ofinternet has…

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