Read the attached case study and answer the following questions using at least 250 words but not to exceed 350 words. Include at least 1 peer-reviewed source. Plagiarized work will NOT be accepted!
For week 13 we will look at a case study, in which a congressional staffer must weigh a number of competing concerns and issues, including popular reactions to genetically modified organisms. She must research information to present to her boss, an influential congressman drafting legislation to support agricultural research. Read through the attached pdf and answer the following questions:
1)Take the role of Cindy and make the case for her position on the needs and opportunities in agricultural research with relevance to international markets especially focused on hidden hunger. Make sure Cindy chooses either a pro GMO or no GMO stance on the issue. She would present this with references to back up her statements to the congressman so make sure to back up your opinions with peer reviewed references.