Assignment 4: Educational Law Project PresentationDue Week 10 and worth 240 pointsIn your assignments, journal activity, and discussion, you have researched and analyzed case law related to school desegregation; church-state interaction; education of students with disabilities and English Language Learners (ELL) students; teacher rights; school and district responsibilities; and funding. You are now tasked with presenting information for a model school district or school system that includes an overview and summary statements relevant to case law to present to the state department of education. Create a presentation using Prezi or similar software in order to present your research. The information within your presentation will assist the state department of education in developing a district-wide professional development plan geared toward improving the overall test scores of the schools within the district. Note: A video to help students record narration for the PowerPoint presentation is available in the course shell. Prepare a ten (10) slide presentation in which you:

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