ASSUME: For all parts of this question, friction is negligible. a) An elevator of total mass M (including the mass inside) starts from rest at the ground floor. It accelerates upward at a, and then decelerates at -a until it stops at the top floor, height H above the ground floor. The net work done on the elevator cardepends only on Hdepends on M, a and Hdepends only on adepends only on Mis zerodepends on M and Hdepends on a and Hb) A hockey puck of mass m sits on a frictionless, horizontal table tied to a string of length L. The puck starts at rest, and accelerates to some speed v moving in a horizontal circle of radius L. The net work done on the hockey puckdepends on v, m and Ldepends on v and mdepends only on mis zerodepends only on Ldepends only on vdepends on m and L