Balatbat Ltd issued $20 million of convertible notes on 1 July 2006. The notes have a life of 6 years and a face value of $20 each. Annual interest of 5 per cent is payable at the end of each year. The notes were issued at their face value and can be converted at any time over their lives. Organisations with a similar risk profile to Balatbat Ltd have issued debt with similar terms but without the option to convert at the rate of 7 per cent. What are the appropriate accounting entries to record the issue of the convertible notes and the first payment of interest in accordance with relevant accounting standards?
(b) 1 July 2006
Present value of principalPresent value of interestTotal 13326844476654018093384 Explanation:The credit to notes is computed by computing the present value of the principal and interst using…