Based on the brand that i chose “Doctors without Borders” in the Unit 2 discussion, you will develop the place portion of your final project in the assignment for this unit. Using the references you have found to learn about your chosen brand, write a one page APA style essay providing the following information: Placement Include such topics as the appropriate types of channels, order processing, and appropriate transportation. Make sure to provide the type of distribution your brand uses. Examine whether the brand is being sold in the right outlets. Analyze whether or not they have enough channels. Discuss what course of action would remedy any shortcomings. Based on your examination, does your brand do a good, adequate, or poor job of serving the needs of its customers? Do your research and analyze the distribution, marketing channels, and marketing intermediaries used by your brand. For example, identify and examine the marketing channels and relationships between marketing intermediaries and the company that owns your brand. Identify and discuss the type of vertical marketing system in place. And so on. Throughout the paper, you need to demonstrate practical application of the concepts learned throughout the course.