Article Review Writing: The Preparation and Process Involved

The review of an article is both a summary and an evaluation of the work of another author. Understanding the main points and arguments of an article is essential to be able to draw a precise conclusion. The logical evaluation of the main theme, the arguments that support this and the implications for future research are also crucial elements. This article briefly focuses on the preparations and process of writing an article review. Read on!

Preparations for writing an article review

Consider the Structure of a Review

Before you even read the article, you must understand how it will be structured. This will help you understand how to read it in order to write an effective review, which should be organized into different parts – from the title to the conclusion.

Read the article quickly

Start with the title, summary, introduction, heading, introductory sentences of each paragraph and conclusion. Then read the first paragraphs and then the conclusion. These steps serve to identify the author’s arguments and key points. Then read the entire article. When you read it for the first time, try to understand it as a whole, that is, try to understand the argument in general and the point defended.

Read it Carefully

Read the article a second time and reread it. Use a pen to take notes and highlight the most important sections. Underline the most important points and supporting facts.

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Rewrite the Article in Your Own Words

You can do this as a free paragraph or as a sketch. Start rewriting with your own words. Focus on arguments and allegations. Include all important points – accuracy is paramount.

At this point, you can also write a rough sketch of the opinions you had while reading.


The Actual Writing of the Article Review

Create a title; This title must reflect the focus of the review. Determine if you want to use a declarative, descriptive or interrogative title.

Quote the article; Put a full quote of the article in the right way under the title. Start writing on the next line. Do not skip a line between the quote and the first line.

Give the article a name; Begin the review by referring to the title and author of the article, the title of the journal and the year of publication in the first paragraph.

Write the introduction; The introduction of the assessment will have an identification sentence. It will state the central themes of the article, or arguments and claims of the author, and specify which thesis he determines. Your introduction should only cover at least 10% of the review.

Summarize the article; Now expose the main aspects, arguments, and discoveries of the article in good terms, use the summary as support. You can also use easy quotes from the author’s authors.

Write the review; Give your opinion about the clarity, completeness, and usability of the explanation of the subject. This is the heart of the review. Analyze the main points and arguments, decide if the points support the arguments. Finish with a hint from which the public will benefit by reading the article.

Remember that this is not the part you give your opinion about. You assess the meaning and relevance of the article.

Complete the review; Summarize the main points of the article in a paragraph with your views on relevance, accuracy, and clarity.

Examine your work; Rate the assessment. Now pay more attention to errors in grammar, spelling, and consistency. Delete unnecessary information.

With these in place, your article review is good to go. Here is a professional format you can use.