Make instant money transfer to Africa with Bitsika at Zero Fees

We can’t proceed with this without explaining what Bitsika means. Bitsika is simply a remittance platform that utilizes cryptocurrencies and fiat money to send or deliver quick money transfers. It sends or delivers in Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, and more African countries within a specific transaction threshold. Bitsika was launched in 2019. So far, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Product Marketing in 2020

Marketing is the ultimate link that connects customers to your product. However, the supreme driver of these links to your product is the product marketing manager (PMM), the individual that knows your actual customers. In truth, as a product marketing manager, you’re on the verge of growing your company by connecting customers to your product.  […]

How to order a paper in writing errands.

How to order a paper in writing errands. One of the easiest places for ordering your homework to be done is . The steps are easy to follow. We also have a dedicated group of support staff who are always ready to help incase of any challenge. Go to and create an account. Creating an account in […]


QUALITY HOMEWORK HELPER We always have experts in, who are still ready to tackle your paper in minutes. We carefully vet our writers before they get to our platform. We only believe in getting you the best writers for your homework. All our homework helpers have masters, and they are professionals in their fields.  […]


TIPS FOR CREATING A PROPER ESSAY. Simply a proper essay is the one that tries to bring a solution to the question being asked. A proper essay should also contain references that are recent and of quality standard, every proper essay should always contain inside citation to the queries being asked. The main aspect of […]