Essay writing: How to Structure the Title of an Essay

This part of an essay is very important. Having a wrong title affects the quality of your essay. It is simply because your title choice must be appealing to your teacher or readers. You need to make the body of your essay tempting to read. Those words used when you create a title are very crucial – they contribute to the success of your essay writing.

Qualities of a Unique Essay Title

  • It must be easy to read. Don’t let it be complicated. Your reader(s) should be able to glide into your essay easily. Resist from using any type of strange phrases.
  • It must be accurate. Make the title of your essay clear. You don’t want your readers to be confused about your idea, irrespective of the topic you are working with.
  • It should be eye-catching. Don’t use a boring title. Make it interesting.
  • It should be brief. Your essay’s title needs to be as brief as possible.

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How to Write an Effective Essay Title

You are now familiar with what your essay’s title should portray, the next step is to learn how to actually create one. Even if you don’t know how to craft one, you don’t need to feel bad about it –some great writers still struggle with this section – writing a great title.

Below are some strategies you can put together in order to create a good title for your essay.

Compose the essay first before creating the title

Some students may logically reason that the title of an essay should be created first before writing the main essay. Writing the body of an essay first is more beneficial.  Although in this case, you can have a title in mind. But you would get clear insight when you are writing your essay for the best title that fits.

It is when you start writing your piece that you will have a good clue of what will make your title interesting to your reader(s). You will be surprised by some great ideas that will be flowing as you write your essay. Learn how to write a striking essay here.

Examine Your Essay’s Tone

When you want to create a perfect title, you have to pay attention to the tone of your essay. This plays a crucial role. When writing about personal statements which had some anecdotes, you can use a witty title – but make it intelligent. If you are working with a serious theme, never use any form of a silly or witty title. The tone of the essay you are writing must match with that of the title. Your title must not contain abbreviation – take note of this.


The 3 Words Technique to effective essay writing

This is a very useful method for crafting a unique title for an essay. Here, you will have to sum up the whole essay you have written in just three words. You will be using these three words to create your title. To use, add a colon then include your essay’s idea.

Make Use of a Quote

This method is also very applicable when creating a good title for your essay. You can use a central idea or a quote for an area of your theme targets. Also, you can get inspiration from some lyrics of a song, if it fits the topic you are working with. Just get creative with about it. In case you are writing an essay about a particular book, use a striking quote from the book.

Make writing an essay title fun by using any of the combinations of the strategies above. Enjoy.