Febrile Convulsion is a type of febrile seizure

Febrile Convulsion is a type of febrile seizure that develop as a high fever. It is discussed at https://www.writingerrands.com into details that usually occur in children aged six months to 5 years. The fit lasts for a few seconds up to 15 minutes, and later drowsiness follows.


Its mainly experienced in young children during their development at the time the seizure threshold is now. At this period young children are susceptible to infection such as otitis media, upper respiratory tract infection, viral syndrome. Children who respond to high temperatures’ studies conducted on animals indicate that the role of endogenous pyrogens. The studies show that ed interleukin one beta which increases neuronal excitability hence link the activity in seizure and fever.

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Studies done in children support that cytokine networks may be activated and have a role in the pathogenesis of febrile seizures. However, there two types of febrile seizures that are Partial or focal seizures that are generalized. Generalized seizure last for less than 15 minutes, and I do not occur within 24 hours. Another example is complex febrile and this one is characterized by prolonged time and occurs more than once within 24hours.In complex seizures, there is an indication of more severe diseases including abscess, meningitis encephalitis. Nevertheless, seizures status epilepticus is known to be a severe form of complex seizures. Status epilepticus is a single or series of seizures without an interim recovery which lasts at least 30 minutes.


Viral diseases are the most common cause of febrile seizures. Current research has shown that the presence of human herpes simplex virus as the etiologic agent in roseola. The febrile seizures have also associated shigella gastroenteritis.

The occurrence of this is among families. There risk of about 10% in a child with febrile seizures for the sibling and 50%  parent with febrile seizures to their siblings.




It occurs mostly in small children six months to years.

Morbidity and mortality

There is low-risk mortality within children with simple febrile seizures. Complex seizures occurred to children who are less than one year . in other words it is triggered by temperature less than 39 degrees that lead to 2 fold increased mortality rate after the two years episode of seizures.


There is evidence of epilepsy in children diagnosed with febrile seizures in comparison to the general population. Complex febrile become a risk factor later In life, family history of epilepsy and developmental delay.


It usually occurs in all races.



According to some research and studies, febrile seizures occur more often in males than females.


The age between 3 months to 5 years is the most affected.



Febrile seizure in the clinical Presentation


To make difference between complex and simple seizures the type o the seizure and duration need to b described