How Common is Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

In recent times, there have been growing concerns about Erectile Dysfunction in young men. Lots of people have had one thing or more to say about it. Some have talked about how dysfunction negatively impacts their lives or people close to them. Thus prompting the thoughts of whether or not this dysfunction is a thing to be worried about.

Meanwhile, ED is expected to happen in more men who are more advanced innate than their younger counterparts. But then, medical statistics have proven that quite a lot of young men in their prime report problems about erectile dysfunction. And this situation has left us wondering why such is the case.

The research of ED in men uses an age-bracket of 40 for determining the cut-off point for the term “young.” This arbitrarily constructs that the male folks within the teenage age of 18-40 are considered young. Unless otherwise specified, we’ll be referring to them as such from this article henceforth.

How Common Do Young Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

As opposed to initial medical studies from the World Health Organization journal on Erectile dysfunction in young men. The number of affected persons has drastically risen than it used to be. Reports show that more than 26% of men who undertake ED treatment are below 40 years of age.

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From every indication, this picture is quite worrisome. This is telling us that more than we expect. It means that the number of affected young men suffering from ED is on the rise.  And there’s a need for us to deal with this problem before it eats deeper than it has already done. How do we go about this? We’d discuss that soon enough. But first, we have to deal with the factors that relate to ED in younger men.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men

According to extensive researches carried out about young people with erectile dysfunction. There are lots of suggestions indicating that the same factors resulting in ED in older can constitute the same problem for the younger ones. Some considered examples include depression, anxiety, partner-related emotions, and lack of sexual stimuli or attraction toward the opposite sex. These are liable to cause psychological imbalance. It can result in dysfunction while physical symptoms related to hormones, cardiovascular, and metabolic functioning can also result in a more incremental, adverse impact for any man, irrespective of the age.

Let’s go into details. Outlined below are some of the factors that could lead to ED in younger men.

  • Physical Factors

Yes, this is one factor we just can not do without mentioning first.  What we eat, drink and generally ingest have the potentials to make or mar us. So then, it isn’t a surprise this is taking the lead in our list of factors leading to ED in young men.

In a bid to explore how consumables cause ED in younger men, medical authors of Sexual Medicine journals revealed that a good number of men with ED were the ones that weren’t wary of the food and things they ingest. The study proved that young men that partied in taking unhealthy foods and drinks which includes alcohol and cigarettes are at the risk of getting ED than their counterparts that ate healthy consumables.

Other physical factors worthy of consideration include lack of adequate exercise, stress, and lack of personal hygiene. Most men who don’t participate in taking exercises frequently, or are overly stressed out after work or any activity are more likely to have ED owing that they don’t have the physical fortitude to maintain an erection. Also, poor personal hygiene from either the person involved or their partners can negatively influence the sexual life of younger men.

  • Psychological Factors

The next part we’d be discussing is the mental causes of ED in younger men. Usually, this factor isn’t always considered owing that the patients involved didn’t take full consideration of it.

The truth is, once the psychological balance over sex isn’t properly regulated, the grit to perform sexually is depleted to minimal. Simply put, a depressed, overly anxious man will underperform sexually.

Although this researches might be kind of spontaneous, there’s a strong medical suggestion that young men’s intuitions of their genitals and how to manage sexual psychology can help foster sexual performance. This can positively impact ED in younger men than ever before.