How to Write an Outstanding Resume

Many spend quite a lot of time on their resumes, while on average, a recruiter takes only a few seconds to view a resume. After this brief scan, he or she decides whether or not to approve. With this said, it’s important to make sure you stand out. A resume that instantly stands out is what we all crave. A good resume ensures that you stand out, and this means you are more likely to be invited to an interview. But how do you write an outstanding resume? This article shows you how. Below are some quick tips that you can use to get piles of ‘yes’ after sending it out. Enjoy!

Make it Appealing to the Eyes

Using the old-school Word Document is a bit out of favor. Trying using this instead: a nice and calmly created PDF file. Here is how to create a resume in PDF file.


Another example of making your resume look more appealing is to add an infographic that shows which soft skills you have, or you can show your skills in a few cool graphs or tables. Use icons to represent certain characteristics or skills. This act alone quickly refreshes a boring document.

Provide Overview of your Resume

You can use subheadings and make sure that the different parts of your resume (personal details, education, work experience, skills) are clearly separated. Recruiters often scan your resume first, therefore, it is necessary to use subheadings for a better overview.

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Another important thing you need to make clear here is a clear order of your work experience.  Always put your most recent work experience at the top. This is what is most relevant to the recruiter, so he or she does not have to scroll or search your resume. Take note.

Share Some Recommendations

Your resume will stand out if you further share a nice quote from a (former) colleague or employer about you and place it in a separate frame. These people know better than anyone how you function at work, what you are good at and what you have to offer. With that been said, never give someone unsolicited as a reference.

Include Evidence

Yes, you need to be proud of your previous personal successes. There is no need to be shy about it or sharing them. If possible, add a link on your resume to a video or presentation that you are proud of.

Give soft skills a prominent place on your resume. Remember that you have to make your resume as personal as you can. So, you can also mention your soft skills, such as creativity or communication skills. A lot of employers find it important to be able to estimate whether you fit in with the corporate culture or the team.

Less is more

Yes, it is very cool to make your resume visually appealing, but don’t overdo it. It is important to find the right balance between professionalism and creativity, let it remain clear. A simple way to keep your resume calm is to choose a standard font, such as Times New Roman. Again, the length of your resume is also very crucial. Understand that the recruiter receives many resumes, so make yours clear and short.

Bonus Tip for you to write an outstanding resume

This one too is very important. After working on your resume, before sending it out, always check for any sort of typing and spelling errors. Check it now than once. You can also give a friend or close relative to cross-check.

If you use a few or all of the tips above when next you prepare your resume, yours should stand out among others. You will always have an edge.

Now go create an outstanding resume and send it out – preferably, as a PDF file. Good luck!