Six Strategies for Writing Questions for an Interview

For an interview to be effective, you need to master the art of writing good Questions for an Interview. Getting a great conversation with an influencer can provide you meaningful stories that can help you promote your brand or business.

Preparing good questions for an interview can transform into amazing stories.

In this article, you will learn the ropes to writing effective questions for that coming interview you want to host. Be prepared to have powerful content for your audience.

Six Strategies for Writing Questions for an Interview

 For a start, you need to understand the purpose of the interview. Also, ponder on what you really need from the person you want to interview – then proceed to the tips below. Enjoy!


Do some research about your respondent when Writing Questions for an Interview

This step is very crucial if you want to write an effective question for an interview. Gather enough information about the interviewee.

Why is this so important? When you know about your respondent, his/her personality, failures and accomplishments, it will be easy for you to think of some solid questions that will provide good results.

Use the search engines online to search for the respondent. See if you can find other related articles about him/her. Jot down some information about their bio. Don’t also forget to highlight any specific area you would like to discuss with them. Remember, a little research goes a long away in achieving an effective interview, don’t neglect this step.

Your questions must be relevant

This is very important. Make sure your questions for an interview is relevant to the topic you are researching, including what you seek to find an answer to.

Whenever you are writing this type of question, pay attention to how each one will add to answering the question(s) you are researching. This also has to do with your understanding of the topic.

If a question is not relevant, come up with a different one.

Make them open-ended questions

The nature of questions to write for an interview should not be a yes-or-no. If you want to write effective questions for an interview, a yes-or-no answer should be avoided.

Instead, go for open-ended questions. For example, come up with good questions that will make your respondent(s) recall and explain vividly about a question you throw at him/her/them.

This type of question makes your candidate feel comfortable to have a smooth conversation with you. More engagement is enhanced, leading to an amazing interview session.

You can ask questions that start with phrases like “Tell me about…”, “How would you describe…?” Open-ended questions like this will open doors for well-detailed information, it also provides you with cues of the best next questions to ask.

The questions must be clear

An unclear and vague question only leads to confusion.

The questions you are writing for an interview need to be crafted in simple and clear prose. Understanding is key, so you don’t want to bring any confusion about your question.

Always test your interview questions for clarity. You can give your questions to colleagues for review – to validate for clarity.

In case your respondent can’t still understand a question (during an interview), always rephrase it in order to aid clarity.

Imagine your respondent is a brilliant person

This is particular suitable for job hiring, it can be used for other types of interviews also. Consider coming up with questions that a capable and intelligent person could provide a smart answer(s) to. Some tough questions can also be entertained, especially if you will be dealing with really smart individuals.

During the question-writing process, pretend to be both the interviewer and interviewee at the same time. This role-playing makes you more creative with your questions.

Remember that you should be capable of answering your own questions, so practicing as the interviewee helps you easily create questions you could provide answers to.

If it was for a job interview, viewing your respondent as an intelligent person allows you to pose some challenging questions. This will let you know if they may be your best candidate for the job.

Consider questions that elicit emotions when Writing Questions for an Interview

When you combine this with open-ended questions as discussed above, your interview session will be fun. Questions that bring out emotional responses are perfect.

In the writing process, pause and think if there are some things about your respondent that you can use to create responses based on feelings. For example, if your subject is an influencer, ask him/her to discuss the regular setbacks and failures before achieving success.

You can also use other questions to be discussed for formulating questions that can create an emotional response. Ask them using phrases like “how” and “what”.

Some good examples of these types of questions are: “So tell me, how do you really feel about it now? “What keeps you going when the going was tough? “Tell me why you felt like you’d never reach this goal? These are perfect feeling-based questions.


These strategies are very effective when writing questions for an interview. Ensure that you prepare this phase well. Whether you want to use it for job interviews or for an influential person, they are effective.