Step by Step Guide Involved in Writing a Good Thesis

For some, writing a thesis statement is a difficult task. Writing a good thesis shouldn’t be that difficult if you know the simple steps involved.

On a perspective, the reason for writing a thesis is to simply inform readers about these: the subject that is in your paper, and your opinion on this topic. With a thesis statement, your ideas are well articulated. This will make it easier for your readers to understand the purpose of your paper.

Five important steps for writing a good thesis

Choose Your Topic

To write a good thesis statement, you need to start with a topic for your paper. When you have a basic topic in mind that you want to work with, it is time to consider some points you would like to discuss in the body of your essay and how to structure the paragraphs.

At this point, you will start developing your good thesis statement. You would put into consideration why the topic is important, and some problems it poses to solve.

Be Specific

Irrespective of the idea(s) you are working on for your thesis, make sure it is very specific. Don’t be too general about it. Again, you need to make sure that your specific statement is arguable. You don’t want it to be left with some questions like who, or where. Your readers will want to know why and what. This is where your opinion about your topic comes in.

Come Up with Intelligent Argument

With the previous step, you only provided a statement, that is, being clear and specific about your topic. Its time you need to voice your opinion. Here, you have to come up with an argument about the topic at hand. Create a scenario about the topic, state statistics or any other facts that will convince you, readers.

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Expose your readers to why you support the topic, why it’s great or useful, using some vital points. This step will state some of your observations, some strong statements that will convince your readers.

Prepare a Mini Outline of Your Paper

This step is very important. As you have known, a thesis statement basically gives your readers a clear outline of the paper you are working on, informing them of what to expect.

Now your reader will know about the subject/topic of your paper, including stance. You need to let them know what they will read in the body of your work. In this case, a mini-outline of your paper is needed. It shows the topic indicating your opinion, leaving room to argue your stance on the subject.

Examine The Words You Use

This is the last step. At this point, you will need to choose the words you use wisely. You must put into an account for style and clarity.

You need to refine your words. For example, when arguing a point, use the word “many” instead of using all when trying to quantify. Your choice of words is very important when you are writing your piece. For an effective thesis, inject more of specific words, and not general or boring words.

Going through the steps discussed above should help you write a good thesis. This is because basically, you include both your topic and opinion. You make it specific, clear, and you leave room for an intelligent argument(s). Also, the mini-outline you created make it easier for your readers to grasp what your writing would talk about. The effective use of words also goes a long way in making your thesis stand out and the clarity of words always works magic as far as understanding is concerned.

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