BUAD- 132 (Human Resource)
After reading Chapters 9 and 10, in typed two page (double spaced) paper, answer the following: If your gross salary is $50,000/year, what would be the additional cost to your employer for your health care coverage? Then, calculate the estimated costs for retirement/pension, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, Social Security tax, and any other perquisites you would like to address. How much, both directly and indirectly, do you make per year? From an employer’s perspective, would it make sense to find a location outside of the U.S. to keep these costs down? Explain your reasoning in detail.
Surname 1 NameInstructorCourseDateBusiness AssignmentAccording to the information in chapter 9 and 10, the following are the requisites associated withan annual gross salary of $50,000:…