Can anyone help me with narrowing down and formulating a research question on both of the below issues? These are my paper ideas I am struggling with narrowing them down to a question that I can concentrate my paper on.
Topic 1 :What does immigration bring to the United States? Who benefits the most? Should children brought into the United States by illegal parents be given exclusive rights? Is there a correlation between the increased media coverage and political issues on Illegal Immigration and the Human Sex Slavery industry? There has been a lot of news related stories in regards to Immigration and Human Sex Slavery/trafficking. Is this coincidence or correlation?
A well-known fact is that people immigrate to the United States looking for a better life that money can afford them. In many countries there exists intense poverty and social inequality that make dreams of better living conditions a significant purpose to encourage immigration. Immigration appears to be a complex occurrence that affects many life occurrences in a healthy society. Every Country has country-specific laws intended to regulate the immigration process, are some countries laxer than others? An analysis of different countries and the way they address immigration and how they process requests may be an area to examine. An environment can be vastly different; all immigrants need to adjust and accommodate to their new environment which can be significantly different than what they are accustomed to and could be problematic. Our nation can be pretty contrary to immigrants at times.

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