Can you please kindly guide me to complete the following questions. I understand that it covers the negligence as a topic but I’m still confused about the outline of this questions using ILAC
Bruno and Maria Ferreira, a couple, are recent Brazilian immigrants who arrived in Australia in June 2017. Bruno suffers from severe migraines due to a motorcycle accident that occurred in Brazil a year ago. Prior to the accident, the couple both worked as chefs at a large hotel in Brasília however, Bruno was unable to continue working full-time due to his health condition. The couple therefore decided that a change of lifestyle was required and relocated to Australia with the hope of running their own hospitality-related business. In doing so, they felt that as they would be in charge of the business, there would be a degree of flexibility in the number of hours in which Bruno would be required to work. Both Bruno and Maria have very limited English communication skills. Furthermore, they have no experience in running a business.