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Case 1. Can you identify industry characteristics?If you were asked to visualize (in income statement and balance sheetform) the financial structure of a typical firm in one particular industry, doyou think you could do it? How close to your "vision" do you think the"reality" would be? What if you were asked to do the same experimentcovering 14 firms drawn from 14 different industries? How many of the 14do you think you would get right? You may be surprised by how muchyou already know!Attached table presents the balance sheets (in percentage form) and otherselected financial data for 14 firms drawn from 14 different industriesWhile there are clear differences in the financial structures of differentfirms within a single industry, the firms selected have figures that arebroadly typical of those in their industry.Try to match the 14 firms operating in the 14 industries named below withthe 14 sets of financial data presented in Exhibit 1. Use any approach youfind helpful.Advertising agency (about half of total revenue derived fromcommissions that equal 15% of media purchases for clients)AirlineBookstore chain v wivetoyCommercial bank (fitted into the most nearly comparable balancesheet and ratio categories of the nonfinancial companies) no inventor5.Computer software developer maybe, depends, some inventay6. Department store chain (with its "own brand" charge card)v inventor7. Electric and gas utility (with 72% of its revenue from electricity salesand 28% of its revenue from natural gas sales) v inventay8. Family restaurant chain v inventowlHealth maintenance organization (HMO)10. Online bookseller anven-tow11. Online direct factory to customer personal computer vendor (with morethan half of sales to business customers and most manufacturingoutsourced)12. Pharmaceutical manufacturer Retail drug chain Retail grocery chain13. Retail drug chain y inventory14. Retail grocery chain v inventoryservice providersEGMN =712749

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