Case Study for Quiz 3 and Midterm ExamOver the past four years, the LSS organization, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, has become renowned nationally for its Camp Noah project. Camp Noah is one of the smallest departments in the LSS organization; to organization also administers over 100 group homes for disabled adults in Minnesota and provides resettlement services to refugees relocating to Minnesota. Camp Noah was a summer program developed for children who were impacted by spring flooding in their local area. Following floods, tornadoes or other weather emergencies, children lose their daily routine, their schools and oftentimes their homes. Parents are often stressed and unavailable during emergencies, and children have few resources to help them understand their situation. In Camp Noah, volunteers with skills in child psychology and counseling meet in a two day summer camp support group environment with children in flood ravaged areas. They encourage the children to share their stories and develop important resiliency skills and learn how to cope emotionally with the disaster.

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