ase Study the Case of the Missing CookiesThis week’s episode of “Patty Madeye Mysteries” is based on an investigation at a local Girl Sprouts Camp. Apparently, the Girl Sprout organization has been gearing up for their annual fund-raising event in which members sell cookies and candy at local shopping centers. The proceeds from the fund-raising event are then used to improve the camping facilities (tents, mess-hall, swimming area) at the camp. In her investigation, Patty determines that the cookies and candy were delivered to the camp on Friday and stored in the camp office. Over the weekend, the camp director moved them into the refrigerator unit in the mess-hall so that they would not melt or spoil. The problem is that the camp director, then lost her keys to the refrigerator unit sometime while walking the camp paths, shown in the following diagram (triangles represent camp buildings/tents; lines represent paths):Task #1: (4 points) The camp director is in a hurry to find her keys and she must search along each of the paths. Can you determine a way for her to travel each trail only once, starting and ending at her office? If so, describe the path. If not, explain how you know that there is no such path, then describe a path in which the camp director MAY retrace her steps. Answer:  Task #2. (4 points). When camp is not in session, the camp director lives in a residence close to the camp. If she doesn’t find her keys on the camp trials, then either they have been stolen by a squirrel or they are somewhere in her house, shown below. Since she might have used her keys to open one of the many doors in her house, she will need to check each door. Patty has been asked to provide a sketch showing the relationships between each of the rooms and doors in the house. Can you draw a graph depicting this relationship? Answer: Task #3. (4 points) Can you determine a method for the camp director to search for her keys in each of the doors of the house without retracing her steps? If so, describe the path. If not, explain how you know that there is no such path.Answer: Task #4. (8 points) The directors and producers of The Patty Madeye Mysteries need some background on graph theory, since they have not yet taken this course. Do some research on graph theory using the ONLINE Library and the internet and present a specific application for graph theory besides those presented in the course. Your answer should be in paragraph form (no more than 1 page in length) and may include properly cited or original images. Be sure to explain the specific real-world application and give a specific example of where this application has been used.

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