question 4-27
I do not understand what journal entries they want from us ?
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com-RequiredControl?estimRevenuesCost of goods soldDirect materials usedMay 2016, it worked on only two jobs, M1 and M2:Cost of goods manufacturedDirect manufacturing labour(in $ millions) pertain to operations for the year 2019:Materials and supplies purchased on accountManufacturing overhead allocated (972,000 actual MH)Depreciation on plant and manufacturing equipmentordinarily would be detailed as repairs, utilities, etc.)year-end write-off to Cost of Goods Sold. Post the entry to T-accounts.Materials control (beginning balance), December 31, 2018Indirect manufacturing labour incurred by various departmentsFinished goods control (beginning balance), December 31, 2018Work-in-process control ( beginning balance), December 31, 2018Indirect materials ( supplies) issued to various production departmentsMiscellaneous manufacturing overhead incurred (credit Various Liabilities;concert-quality organs. Each job is unique. In April 2016, it completed all outstanding orders, and then, in4-28 Job costing, unit cost, ending work in process. Rowan Company produces pipes for2. Show the journal entry for disposing of over- or underallocated manufacturing overhead directly as a1. Prepare general journal entries. Post to T-accounts. What is the ending balance of Work-in-Processimated that it would work 980,000 MH and had budgeted $73,500,000 for MOH. The following dataswimon most collehav ori: ta) bue .paireos forson (d) .onitedove queef cuzn Age sug que tuoneor-coer isto bat booth zyholazetorg latoA orVomsi zeenestado tomib rot aotm$ 6.02381941237.2512374.3368.4cocompanyed of allg. Cresystem103 .1ASSIGNMENT MATERIAL . 129Cost per pipe is $370LO 3, 5LO 3 5