Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Admission to MBA Program.
This is important in my opinion because the workplace has changed in the last several years and it is more diverse. This calls for people who can understand each others differences while acknowledging that they must come together in order to complete a project. This is one of the places that active listening comes in because each part of the team must listen to the others in order to move foreword with a project. I believe that another strength is compassion that gives me the ability to look understand the needs of people and help them achieve their goals.
When I think of weaknesses, my major weakness is that I am a perfectionist. Although many people may think this is a strength, for me it has a tendency to slow me down. As an example, when I work on a project independently I want to make sure that everything is the way I want when it is done. Because of this, I have often taken more time on a project that necessary. I am working to change some of my habits in this area so that I can move through projects faster and easier.