Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Ben Jonson’s Volpone.
Volpone has no heir and is seen as a prey by several characters who court him in the hope that he will make one of them as his sole heir. Volpone says that he is not responsible for their gullible behaviors. He takes advantage of their greed by inviting and soliciting their donations. He is a good actor when he pretends to be very ill and weak. His servant, Mosca, is equally guilty in this big conspiracy to hoodwink and fleece the other characters like Voltore, Corbaccio and Corvino. Volpone may be a despicable man who has some criminal intentions to cheat by giving false promises of making someone his heir. Mosca is a worse criminal by plotting treason against his employer. It is Mosca, who has lied and cheated the people but he does this on behalf of Volpone. Ultimately, he plans to usurp the gains of his previous schemes by framing Volpone, getting him imprisoned and then taking over his entire wealth. I think Mosca has overshadowed Volpone. Mosca is responsible for inventing the deceptive lies to encourage Volpone’s admirers to donate valuables to him. He is a more eloquent speaker and actor in theatrics. His speeches are so persuasive that his listeners become followers and obey his every instruction to bring more valuables. However, Mosca has underestimated Volpone. He thinks that by a simple declaration of Volpone’s death, he would be able to usurp his wealth. This part of the plot is so ridiculous that Mosca stands out as a bigger comical character in theatrics than Volpone.