Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Profits from pornography and prostitution.
A survey conducted in U.S.A reveals that adult bookshops and stores offer more number of books that exhibit pornographic contents that are legally banned in the country. Though legal implications are more, pornography has not been reduced and most of these forms violate the norms and regulations specified by the government. (Pace, 1983). Another organized crime is prostitution that also reaps profit to the one who owns the business. In most of the countries children below the age of 16 are also forcibly included into this act of prostitution. (Lunde, 2006).
Though it is not legally permitted in most of the countries, illegal activists continue to do this organized crime. Vice Crimes are the ones that are banned either by the legal system or by the society due to the illicit problems that they bring into the society. The common vice crimes are prostitution and pornography. (Albanese, 2011). They are considered as illegal acts that spoil the morality of the people and communities in particular. Victimless crimes do not involve any third party or a person except from the one who is directly involved in it. Usage of drugs and alcoholics that are prohibited by the government is also considered to be victimless crimes. (Monkkonen, 1992). They also fall under the category of victimless crimes that are committed by organized crime. Even procuring illegal drugs and supplying them to the people are considered to be organized