Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Religion as Social Control: A Catechism for Slaves,1854.
Simple and comprehensive words are used. and the concept and ideas encompass all personal, social and historical contexts. Everything is however, conveyed in a simple manner because the purpose was to teach the doctrines of Christianity to the slaves. Interestingly, all such principles were chosen from the Bible with which they could be controlled by their masters. It is obvious from the text that this catechism belongs to the nineteenth century, when slavery was not yet abolished.
The method of instruction is direct and precise. it however have double meanings to be conveyed the listeners. Thus this catechism for slaves was written by keeping in mind the general psychology of the slaves. The methodology thus adopted was to control them by religion. Fear of God was stronger for them than fear of master- that is why, one can hear the under tones in it. It is systematically written to convey the underlying meanings of the White master. The series of questions is designed to tune the subconscious minds of the slaves, and to control them by the voice of Church. ‘Who gave you a master and a mistress? God gave them to me.’(Line3-4)