Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: A report on the accountability in Shell company in 4 areas of accountability; describe and explain each of these selected issues and secondly describe how each issue is implemented Shell.
Shareholders are interested in knowing a firm’s financial position and whether it is able to earn adequate revenue so that their returns are maximized. Shareholders provide a business with capital, which is invested in valuable assets and are utilized in different ways. If a company does not utilise the capital effectively, it would fail in generating profits as well as in providing returns to shareholders. Similarly, suppliers are also interested in knowing whether a company is able to utilize the materials supplied by them and whether they are financially sound to make payments on time. Employees do not receive their salaries and wages on time if a company fails in generating adequate revenue. Also, they are affected if the firm pursues acquisition and merger related activities as this may lead to their shifting or loss of job. A firm also remains accountable to the society and the government in respect of its environmental policies and payment of taxes (Royal Dutch Shell Plc, 2013).

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