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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Analyse the potential benefits of the Doha trade round to the global economy; what caused the current impasse and what are the dangers now that multilateral trade agreements have stalled.
The market access negotiations were based on the three key categories, including the following: manufactured goods, agriculture and services (Francois, van Meijl, van Tongeren, 2005. Fung & Siu, 2008). The negotiations on cuts in services and agriculture protections and subsidies have been already initiated in early 2000 and were folded into the Doha Round a year later. The Doha Round negotiations devoted to the agricultural sector have illustrated the complexity of the issue in the global scales, where France and other members of the European Union have shown greater willingness to cut subsidies and protection than the members of the G-20 and the USA did (Fung & Siu, 2008). Despite the negotiation efforts undertaken in 2001 in Doha, Qatar the number of critical market issues still remained ambiguous (Francois, van Meijl, van Tongeren, 2005).

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