Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Women Of Color.
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No sacrifice was complete without women participating in it. They enjoyed rights equal to men, with full liberty to receive education and prepare themselves in their own manner, to face the arduous battle of life. They had full voice in the settlement of matrimonial relations.
Many nations affirm the principle of gender equality. As women continue to advance in most walks of life, the impression that equality has been reached and that gender issues no longer pose real problems has naturally gained ground. Yet, many cultural, economic and social barriers remain. Although as many women as men possess the skills necessary to shape social and economic development, women are still prevented from fully participating in decision-making processes. Today the role of men and women in our society is both collaborative and supplementary. During the last five decades women have entered in increasing numbers into salaried and remunerative occupations as well as professions, which were previously the exclusive preserve of men. Today the difference that while women in former days worked along with men in the fields, now they work in factories or offices. The myth of male superiority is only a distortion that came in the wake of growing male domination. It is a paradox that there should be an increase in crimes against women, especially in the face of spectacular strides being made by them in various walks of life. Emancipation of women has occupied an important place in the scheme for social reforms undertaken in developing countries of Asia and Africa, in the later half on the 19th century.

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