Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Celluar pathology.
By studying the density of blood vessels resulting from
evaluation (Nico et al. 2008). Nico in particular describes the issue of micro vessel or microvascular density as being the gold standard with respect to the morphological assessment of angiogenesis in
In addition to describing the physiological mechanisms, It is also possible to make generalizations concerning high levels of angiogenesis and specific types of carcinomas, specifically cancers of the prostate or the breasts – characterized by high levels of micro vessel formation. Considerable research has been devoted to the characterization of breast cancer, with confirmation of the importance and predictive power of angiogenesis in the tumorigenesis process. There is considerable support for the utility of micro vessel density analysis as a predictive methodology for these tumors, with historic evidence that angiogenesis precedes the malignant transformation of mammary cells into fully cancerous carcinomas arising from relatively benign papillomas.