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Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Finance for Strategic Managers.
The paper tells that with any business, the key objective rests with the need for profit making. This means that the determination of profitability of a business requires that proper and accurate accounting records become available. Without reasonable profit making in any business, the long-term success arises as an unseen possibility. The process of sourcing for finance proves to be a difficult task for most business firms. A key reason for this is the lack of valuable accounting data that would stimulate the interest of prospective investors. Obtaining finance serves a number of roles that allow for the sustenance of business activities while utilizing the available resources efficiently. In the financial markets, the availability of reliable information remains to be the greatest tool for concerned parties, mainly the investors. Lack of valuable information in these markets hampers the decision-making process for investors. This relates to the formulation of decisions directed towards the allocation of capital. Eventually, the incapability of business firms to attract investments acts as a limiting factor that hampers the overall growth of the business. As key elements in any business organization, various stakeholders require the availability of financial data in order to make valuable decisions. Shareholders or owners of a business will require assessing the financial performance of their investment. Without financial data, a company fails in meeting the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. Customers make the final decisions as pertains to the product or service offerings of a business firm. Thus, a creation of value remains an impossible feature with a business as the purchasing decisions divert to other business parties and competitors. A major objective of businesses is the determination and achievement of business goals. Financial information arises as the essential element necessary for setting targets.

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