Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Scandinavian Airlines System 1998.
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Jan Carlzon has undoubtedly initialized changes, which caused a dramatic turnaround in the overall business operation of the airline system. These changes were carried out in response to the problems that beset SAS and the entire airline industry as a whole. These changes were also geared to adapt to the rapidly changing external environment and trends in the transportation sector.
Among the new strategies implemented by SAS during the presidency of Jan Carlzon was focusing on the business traveler. The airline has evolved as the “businessman’s airline, ” offering an excellent service to full-paying business traveler through the introduction of “EuroClass” that provides more amenities than the other business class airlines at the level of the old economy fare. This was further strengthened by the improvement of flight schedules and punctuality. To provide a more attractive schedule, Eurolink was also created for short distance routes. Scanorama which feature lounges for the exclusive use of full-paying class were also introduced by the company in order to further different and highlight the luxury offered to the business traveler.