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Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: The concept of contemporaneity upholds the legitimacy of differing perspectives on the meaning and direction of modernity. Are their any ethical and/or political problems associated with this position Your answer should make specific reference to Wu Hung.
The historical periods consist of the past, the present, and the future. Why is this so? Yet the future or the present are yet to be historical aspects. One, conventional or traditional aspects characterise a scope, which goes on and on. It goes on and on and adds up many portions of contemporaneity. With time, they metamorphose into the past and become conventional. Hence, what has been practised over time remains a key part of the present and the future even after the changes. The traditional aspects are an important part of culture because they help in developing culture. Hence, there forms the past and future aspects of culture through the changes that take place over time. The result is a character of culture whereby there is an interlink of ideas from the past, to the present and into the future. Each of these ideas then evidences themselves at a particular period in time. What is outright here is that time is the defining factor here. It is what has formed the basis of contemporaneity. Through time. truths, occasions, and associations are wound up and controlled to form the foundation. Every feature of the past is designed into what it is by space and time. Hence, it can be said that contemporaneity arises from these traditional features. Further, contemporaneity is the evidence of the traditional features, which have existed. In the setting of modernisation, contemporaneity can be regarded as the capability of the components that comprise institutions, values, associations, experience, and knowledge to initiate and drive changes resulting in novel things. Once modernity and postmodern passes, then there has to be an aspect of contemporaneity (Bakeiva, 2007). Then, so many questions arise and exist once it comes to contemporaneity such that there has been some form of disagreement and misunderstanding. More so when it comes to the ethical and political relations. The main question of this paper is if contemporaneity does uphold the legitimacy of

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