Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Bibliography and Discussion Board Answer.
The focus of this journal is at researchers and clinicians concentrating on enhancing the knowledge base for the diagnosing, medical prognosis and intervention of mental health considerations in adolescents and children. Along with considering the aspects of neuropsychology and neurobiology neglected in other traditional journals. This journal is aimed to assist the integration process of basic sciences, medical research as well as practical application of such findings. According to Scimago Lab (2012), this journal offers a scientifically thorough and generally open forum for cross cultural as well as interdisciplinary interchange of explored information, necessitating pediatrics, psychologists, adolescent and child psychiatrists, neuroscientists, as well as allied disciplines. While contributions are principally from psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, education, law enforcement, anthropology and legislature, CAPMH promotes the pertained lay person and the child focused proponent organizations to add. CAPMH is a peer-reviewed publication that works while following its strict guidelines for the review. The articles are chiefly research oriented while depending upon the author’s thought some are also practitioner oriented. Few articles that I found relating to the different sorts of psychiatric disorders faced by children were providing a comprehensive view of the topic. This journal started its publication in 2007 and since then six of its volumes have been issued publishing 193 articles. The articles of this journal are all accessible completely to various scholarly databases like Pubmed etc.