Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Discussion #2.
While operating a business, you won’t be surprised learning that in places like Mexico, the presence of religious images such as the Guadalupe Virgin is the fundamental motivation in work areas. Similarly in Brazil, accomplishing a task is not a priority as people rely on “Jogo de cintura.” People here believe in last minute rush and therefore, having plans does not work with them. Truly indicating how culture influences the practices & styles of work in the Latin America.
Corporate training is essential for the general success of a business and so is its conduct in Latin American countries. Training here is not based on professionalism but rather on traditions, and when done contrary, it draws significant internal conflicts. When the employees here realize, that management techniques do not fit well with their local tradition, some practices are rejected. Traditionally, Latin companies devote little part of the budget for training. The result is a shortage of the technical workforce and skilled personnel in the Latin region.

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