Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Half of a Yellow Sun 67-147 [Chapters 3-6].
Adichie learnt about the history of Biafra from her grandmother and does not fail to acknowledge that most of the history has been overshadowed by the present modern day life where most people are ignorant of their history and its impact on the present.
The structure of the novel is well set where the reader gets a brief introduction with the other chapters making it simple for the reader to read and comprehend the novel. As the title of the novel suggests half of a yellow sun meaning there is hope, the main characters especially with Kainene and Olanna who are portrayed to have very strong qualities as they do not lose hope despite all the setbacks that they face. Some of the setbacks include: ethnic cleansing, starvation, scarcity of joy, sex and forceful evictions. Adichie has captured the unctuous self-righteousness of the rich social class and the elites which exists as a cultural pathology in the present day.

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